Sunday, March 21, 2010

WORDS -- Composition Art Journal -- Collage

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This is my first all collage journal page, and it is always interesting how a page in an art journal comes to be.  Sometimes I get the basic layout ahead of time, but not for this one. This one came to be when I became intriqued  by an advertisement in a magazine. The advertisement was just a page of beautiful calligraphy of white words on a background of a lovely shade of lavender. For several days I kept going back to that page. Then in my mind I could see that page torn into little pieces and pasted on a page in my journal with the title "Words". I also found an advertisement that had a matching shade of lavender to use as the background. After I glued it all to the page, the words (poem)  came. Then the design of the placement of it all including the butterfly popped in my head. That is how this one came to be. Some would say this is the creative nature working, some would say its the Spirit of God leading. Since I have absolutely no talent at writing poems or designing things- I am leaning toward the leading of the Spirit.